NURS 6501 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Perspiration, Referred Pain, Nociceptor

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Pain is an unpleasant feeling that only the person who feels them can explain. The pain sensation is conveyed by the nervous system which, via nociceptor, processes potentially dangerous stimuli. (mccance, & huether, 2017). Harmor is distributed across the body, which transmits the feeling of pain and reacts in various ways to stimuli (huether & mccance, 2017). Three types of pain include acute, chronic and referred. Acute pain is a feeling that only lasts for seconds, but can last up to three months. Acute pain is a body function which alerts the individual to an immediate danger that can be dangerous, causing the person to react to the cause of the pain instantly. When general, acute pain is self- limiting, recovers within weeks or days, but may persist as healing takes place longer (anwar, Acute pain is the defense against a harmful condition of the body (huether and mccance, According to gill (2018), acute pain is usually called nociceptive pain.

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