Ferntree Clothing Inc. is a company that makes and sellsclothing to upscale shops across the country. In 2005, the companydecided to add the sale of fabric to the company portfolio, sellingmainly to other clothing manufacturing companies. Ferntree soonrealized that this market was unprofitable with low margins andwith the continued increase in on-line sales ,their fabric divisionwas suffering.

The company’s current controller vacated the position withoutnotice four months ago and Ferntree has hired you as their newcontroller to make any adjustments necessary and correct any errorsyou may find. The fiscal year end is January 31, 2017 and you willneed to correct errors, make adjustments and draft financialstatements using ASPE in preparation for the annual audit. Thefollowing information has been gathered for you to work with.

The trial balance at January 31, 2017, before any adjustments isprovided on the attached excel worksheet.

Your review through the company files has led you to thefollowing information, which may require adjustments:

1. In October of 2016, the shareholders met and decided to sellthe fabric division. By December 2016, it became apparent that abuyer is unlikely to be found. The only asset of this division isthe inventory, and all attempts have been made to sell this byyear-end. The company is expected to recover the book value of theinventory as it is being carried at its current fair value. Thereare no liabilities relating to this division. (Hint: Regardless ofa buyer, this would be classified as a gain/loss from discontinuedoperations).

2. The company paid a dividend of $25,000 to its shareholders inDecember 2016. This amount was incorrectly recorded as a cost ofgoods sold for the clothing division.

3. Last years accounts payable had been paid: $25,000 for theclothing division and $15,000 for the fabric division. When theywere paid, they had been debited to cost of goods sold for clothingdivision and operating expenses for the fabric division.

4. Upon reviewing the aged accounts receivable, it is apparentthat one account in the amount $5,000 had become uncollectible andwas written off to bad debt expense. In the past, 1% of accountsreceivable had been used to estimate the allowance for doubtfulaccounts, but this year given the past history, they have decidedto increase that amount to 2% of accounts receivable. All accountsreceivable and the allowance account relate to the clothingdivision.(Hint: adjust the bad debt expense and allowance accountfirst before you adjust for the allowance for doubtfulaccounts).

5. In January 2017, some old equipment was sold for proceeds of$250 cash. The original equipment cost $5,000 and had accumulateddepreciation of $4,900. The entry made when depositing the cash wasdebit Cash, credit equipment for $250. The equipment is beingamortized using the straight-line method over 10 years.Depreciation has not been recorded for the current year for theremainder of the equipment in this account.

6. FV-NI investments are long-term investments. The fair valueof the portfolio investments at January 31, 2017 was $35,000.

7. Insurance is paid each November 30th and covers a 12-monthperiod. When the company paid the insurance, it was debited toinsurance expense.

8. The note payable is due in two equal installments of $25,000each, plus interest on January 31, 2018 and 2019. The annualinterest rate is 5% and the note has been outstanding since August1, 2016.

9. Unpaid salaries and wages amounted to $1,500 at January 31,2017 and will be paid in the first payroll of February 2017. Thesehave not been recorded.

10. In reviewing sales, it was determined that the balance inthe unearned revenue account as at January 31, 2017 should be$30,000. The entire amount relates to the clothing division.

11. Ferntree has been making some income tax installments anddebiting these payments to the Income Taxes Payable account. It hasbeen determined that the applicable tax rate is 25%. The adjustingentry needed for taxes has not been recorded yet. (Hint: do thisentry last)

Required: a) Prepare all adjusting and correcting entries basedon the above information.

b) Post these entries journal entries to the trial balance andcomplete other columns of the work in good form

c) Prepare the January 31, 2017 Combined IncomeStatement/Comprehensive Income using the Multi-step incomestatement format, Statement of Financial Position and Statement ofRetained Earnings for Ferntree Clothing Inc. for the fiscal yearended January 31, 2017

Ferntree Clothing Inc. January 31, 2017
Unadjusted Trial Balance Adjustments Adjusted Trial Balance
Account Debit Credit Debit Credit Debit Credit
Petty Cash 500
Cash 63,250
Accounts Receivable 252,000
Allowance for doubtful accounts 7,500
Preapaid Insurance 5,000
Inventory- Clothing 400,000
Inventory- Fabric 150,000
FV-NI Investments 30,000
Equipment 499,750
Accum. Depreciation- Equipment 200,000
Goodwill 25,000
Accounts Payable 75,000
Salaries & wages Payable 0
Interest payable 0
Notes Payable 50,000
Unearned Revenue 20,000
Income tax payable 60,000
Common shares 75,000
Retained Earnings 588,000
Dividends 0
Sales Revenue- Clothing 2,000,000
Sales Revenue- Fabric 250,000
Unrealized Gain/loss- FV-NI 0
Gain/loss on disposal of equipment 0
Cost of Goods sold- Clothing 1,200,000
Cost of Goods sold- Fabric 275,000
Operating expenses-Fabric 100,000
Operating Expenses-Clothing:
Depreciation expense 0
Office expense 12,000
Travel expense 4,800
Insurace expense 7,200
Interest expense 1,200
Utilities expense 2,600
Rent expense 41,000
Salaries & wages expense 125,000
Supplies expense 500
Bad debt expense 5,000
Telephone & internet expense 4,200
Repairs & maintenance expense 1,500
Income tax expense 0
3,265,500 3,265,500 0 0 0 0

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