Project Background You have just completed a postgraduatediploma in project management and are currently registered for amaster’s degree where you have to carry out a mini research oncustomer care in your organization. Develop a project proposal onthe planning, execution, analysis and reporting of the research.All processes planned for should be finalized within 6 months fromthe 4th august 2018.

The following needs to be done:

You know:
 How to conduct research according to the study-guide
 Sample of respondents should be at least 100
 Pilot study to be carried out

You have:
You have constituted a good team, and have decided to pay asfollows:

Field Worker / Data Collector $100 per day
Statistician $3800
Language Editor $200 per hour
Printer and Binder $400

Note: Assign resources as much as you can to accomplish all youridentified tasks

State the objective i.e. why your help is needed. State theproject goal, plus any constraints or conditions. Break down thegoal into several objectives that will be researched, and the valuethat each objective offers to the research study.

List all resources that will be needed, including your researchprofessionals like a statistician. Discuss assumed resources,including research requirements. Especially note external resourcesand requirements, e.g. does the study need an externalreviewer?

Present the specific tasks you will do as a WBS, and give costestimates, with sub-totals at each level and total estimated cost.Briefly discuss the estimates, where the costs mainly go, andefforts made to save costs.

Discuss the project dependencies and list the tasks on thecritical path. Discuss the critical path tasks, and methods used toshorten the critical path.

List and discuss the milestones and the deliverables for each.Be very specific about each milestone, including the project finishmilestone.

Explain the general strategy that will be used to manage theproject to completion. Project must have at least two phases.Discuss how they connect to each other, and the milestones. Explainwhy you took this strategy. Summarise 10 most important projectrisks, and how they will be dealt with if they occur.

Briefly summarise, giving the overall project cost, the projectbenefits as bullet points, and the general strategy. Provide a listof meetings with research specialists and others involved in theresearch process, with details like who, when and where andestimated times, and desired deliverable.

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