Which of the following characteristics may result in theclassification of a liability being changed from current tononcurrent:

a) violation of a subjective acceleration clause

b) violation of a objective acceleration clause

c) a demand provision for payment

d) refiancing after the balance sheet date

Pending litigation would generally be considered:

a) nonmonetary liabilty

b) contingent liability

c) estimated liability

d) current liability

Barrons Co. current ratio is 2:1. Which of the followingtransactions would normally increase Barney's current ratio?

a) purchasing inventory on account

b) borring money by signing a long-term note

c) collecting an account receivable

d) purchasing land for cash

On multiple step income statement, gains or losses on sale ofequipment would be shown

a) before gross profit on sales

b) after gross profit on sales but before income from conitnuingoperations

c) after income from continuing operations but before incomefrom extraordinary items

d) after income before extraordinary items but before netincome

A single step income statement is a format that

a) compares the current years income with last year's income

b) recongnizes subtotals at intermediate stages such as grossmargin

c) combines revenues and gains and subtracts from them expensesand losses, resulting in income from operations

d) reports sales revenue, cost of goods sold, gross margin, andall other expenses

In contrast with a multiple-step income statement, a single stepincome statement does NOT show the amount of

a) income taxes on continuing operations

b) cost of goods sold

c) gross profit

d) earnings per share

The amount of income reported for tax purposes

a) is nomally greater than the net income reported tostockholders

b) must be computed according to GAAP

c) is used to compute earnings per share

d) may differ from the amount of income detemined for financialreporting purposes

Under the general rule of revenue recognition, revenue isrecognized when

a) marketability and market price are assured

b) a contractual agreement exists, and cash collection isassured

c) the earnings process is complete, and a valid promise ofpayment has been received

d) all related expenses have been incurred

Seaworth Company's gross sales in 2014 were 3930000. Assumingsales returns and allowances were 74000 sales discounts were 35000and freight-out was 28000 what were Seaworthy's net sales in2014?

a) 3792000

b) 3821000


d) 3930000

On June 30, 2014 Sonata COmpanys operating facilities inNebraska were detroyed by a flood. The loss of $700000 was notcovered by insurance. Sonata's tax rate for 2014 is 40 percent. InSonatas income statement for the year ended sept 30 2014 this eventshould be reported as an extraordinary loss of

a) 0

b) 280000

c) 420000

d) 700000

In a statement of cash flows, payments to acquire debtinstruments of other entities would typically be classified as cashoutflows for

a) financing activities

b) equity activities

c) operating activities

d) investing activities

A gain on the sale of a plan asset in the ordinary course ofbusiness should be presented in a staement of cash flows preparedusing the indirect method as

a) a cash inflow from investing activities

b) a cash inflow from financing activities

c) a deduction from net income

d) a addition to net income

In a statement of cash flows, proceeds from issuing equityinstruments should be classified as cash inflows from

a) brokerage activities

b) financing activities

c) investing activites

d) operating activities

When preparing a statement of cash flows using the indirectmethod, the amortization of trademarks should be reported as a

a) increase in cash flows from investing activities

b) reduction in cash flows from investing activities

c) increase in cash flows from operating activities

d) reduction in cash flows from operating activites

A loss in the sale of machinery in the ordinary course ofbusiness should be presented in a statement of cash flows( indirectmethod) as

a) an addition to net income

b) a deduction from net income

c) an inflow and outflow of cash

d) an outflow of cash

In preparing a statement of cash flows, which of the followingtransactions would be considered an investing activity?

a) sale of a business segment

b) Issuance of bonds payable at a discount

c) purchase of treasury stock

d) sale of capital stock

In a statement of cash flows (indirect method), depreciation istreated as an adjustment to reported net income becausedepreciation

a) is an inflow of cash to reserve account for assetreplacement

b) reduces the reported net income and involves an inflow ofcash

c) reduces the reported net inome but does not involve anoutflow of cash

d) usually represents a significant portion of operatingexpense

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