Budgeting supports the planning process by encouraging all ofthe following activities except:

A. Requiring all organizational units to establish their goals forthe

upcoming period

B. Increasing the motivation of managers and employees by

providing agreed-upon expectations

C. Coordinating operations between departments during theperiod

D. Improving overall decision making by considering all

viewpoints, options and costreduction possibilities.

24. The comprehensive budget plan linking all the individualbudgets related tosales, cost of goods sold, operating expenses,projects, capital expenditures and cash is known asthe:

A. Cash budget

B. Capitalexpenditures budget

C. Continuousbudget

D. Masterbudget

25. A variant of fiscal-year budgeting whereby a twelve-monthprojection into the future is maintained at all times istermed:

A. Flexible budgeting

B. Continuous budgeting

C. Zero-based budgeting

D. Master budgeting

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