Pirkl Corporation has providedthe following data for the month of March:
Inventories Beginning Ending
Raw materials $ 24,000 $ 39,000
Work in process $ 13,000 $ 20,000
Finished goods $ 46,000 $ 35,000

Additional Information:

Raw materialspurchases $ 78,000
Direct laborcost $ 84,000
Manufacturingoverhead cost incurred $ 43,000
Indirect materialsincluded in manufacturing overhead cost incurred $ 6,400
Manufacturingoverhead cost applied to work in process $ 44,600
Prepare a Schedule ofCost of Goods Manufactured and a Schedule of Cost of Goods Sold.(Input all amounts as positive values. Omit the "$" sign inyour response.)

Schedule of Cost of Goods Manufactured
(Click to select)Beginning work inprocess inventoryBeginning finished goods inventoryEnding rawmaterials inventoryBeginning materials inventoryEnding work inprocess inventory $
(Click to select)DeductAdd : (Clickto select)Ending work in process inventoryBeginning work in processinventoryFinished goods inventory, beginningPurchases of rawmaterialsRaw materials inventory, ending
Raw materials available for use
(Click to select)DeductAdd : (Clickto select)Ending work in process inventoryPurchases of rawmaterialsBeginning materials inventoryEnding raw materialsinventoryBeginning work in process inventory
Raw materials used in production
(Click to select)DeductAdd : (Clickto select)Beginning work in process inventoryindirect materialsincluded in manufacturing overhead incurredRaw materials inventory,endingEnding work in process inventoryRaw materials inventory,beginning
(Click toselect)Direct laborDirect materialsIndirect materialsIndirectlaborPurchase of raw materials $
(Click to select)Rawmaterials inventory, endingEnding work in process inventoryRawmaterials inventory, beginningDirect laborPurchases of rawmaterials
(Click toselect)Manufacturing overhead applied to work in processinventoryBeginning work in process inventoryPurchases of rawmaterialsRaw materials inventory, beginningRaw materials inventory,ending
Total manufacturingcosts
(Click toselect)AddDeduct : (Click to select)Raw materials inventory,beginningRaw materials inventory, endingPurchases of rawmaterialsEnding work in process inventoryBeginning work in processinventory
(Click toselect)DeductAdd : (Click to select)Beginning work in processinventoryRaw materials inventory, beginningRaw materials inventory,endingPurchases of raw materialsEnding work in processinventory
Cost of goodsmanufactured $

Schedule of Cost of Goods Sold
(Click toselect)Cost of goods manufacturedCost of goods available forsaleFinished goods inventory, endingOverapplied overheadFinishedgoods inventory, beginning $
(Click toselect)DeductAdd : (Click to select)Unadjusted cost of goodssoldOverapplied overheadCost of goods manufacturedCost of goodsavailable for saleUnderapplied overhead
(Click toselect)Unadjusted cost of goods soldCost of goods available forsaleCost of goods manufacturedFinished goods inventory,beginningFinished goods inventory, ending
(Click toselect)AddDeduct : (Click to select)Overapplied overheadCost ofgoods manufacturedEnding finished goods inventoryUnderappliedoverheadCost of goods available for sale
(Click toselect)Finished goods inventory, beginningUnderappliedoverheadFinished goods inventory, endingUnadjusted cost of goodssoldCost of goods manufactured
(Click toselect)AddDeduct : (Click to select)Overapplied overheadCost ofgoods manufacturedUnderapplied overheadFinished goods inventory,endingCost of goods available for sale
Adjusted cost ofgoods sold $

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