I am trying to find NOT unqualified opinion. Some reports do not say "unqaulified." Does it mean that they are NOT UNQUALIFIED? Here is a report. If it is not unqualified, please explain me why it is not unqualified. In other words, it is qualified or adverse.

To the Board of Directors and Stockholders

Duonas Corp.

We have audited the accompanying balance sheets of Duonas Corp. as of June 30, 2017 and 2016, and the related statement of operations, changes in stockholders’ equity and cash flows for the years then ended. These financial statements are the responsibility of the Company’s management. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audits.

We conducted our audits in accordance with the standards of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (United States). Those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement. The Company is not required to have, nor were we engaged to perform, an audit of its internal control over financial reporting. Our audits include consideration of internal control over financial reporting as a basis for designing audit procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the Company's internal control over financial reporting. Accordingly, we express no such opinion. Our audits include examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. Our audits also include assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall financial statement presentation. We believe that our audits provide a reasonable basis for our opinion.

In our opinion, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of Duonas Corp. as of June 30, 2017 and 2016 and the related statement of operations, changes in stockholders’ equity and cash flows for the years then ended in conformity with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles.

The accompanying financial statements have been prepared assuming that the Company will continue as a going concern. As discussed in Note 2 to the financial statements, the Company has had no revenues and earnings since inception. These conditions, among others, raise substantial doubt about the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern. Management's plans concerning these matters are also described in Note 2, which includes achieving profitable operations and raising additional funds. The financial statements do not include any adjustments that might result from the outcome of this uncertainty.


Diamond Bar, CA

September 1, 2017

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