9 Feb 2019

You will explore the profession of accounting, from theperspective of managerial accounting work and careers. Below issome information that can get you started, though you will need todo some additional research on your own. You can use the library,the Internet or interview a managerial accountant to accessadditional information. Create a written document in the properform that includes the following: What is managerial accounting?What is the difference between managerial and financial accounting?Who are the users of financial accounting and managerial accountinginformation? How is managerial accounting information used to makedecisions? Identify some different jobs someone with a managerialaccounting education/experience can engage in. What is the IMAStatement of Ethical Practice and how does it impact the behaviorof an accounting professional? Describe the CMA certification forManagerial Accounting Professionals.

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Sixta Kovacek
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10 Feb 2019

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