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The Accounting Cycle: Nov. 1: Luis Ruiz invests $20,000 to start his own consulting agency Nov. 1: Purchased a one-year fire insurance policy, $960. Nov. 5: Acquired a computer for $10,000, paying $3,500 down with balance due In 60 days. Nov. 6: Purchased office supplies on account from Taylor Supply, $1,500. Nov.9: Paid Taylor Supply $400 on account. Nov. 10: Billed Barkley Insurance for consulting services performed, $6,000. Nov. 12: Collected $1,500 from Barkley Insurance Nov. 12: Hired secretary to be paid $600 per week. Nov. 15: Collected $1,000 from Bryant Realty for consulting services to be performed. Nov. 26: Paid the secretary two weeks' wages, $1,200. Nov. 29: Received and paid the November utility bill, $700. Nov. 30: Received (but did not pay) the November telephone bill $100. Nov. 30: Performed consulting services for Bing Enterprises, $4,800, to be collected in December Nov. 30: Ruiz withdrew $1,400 from the business for personal living expenses


Answered on 16 Apr 2020

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