Asked on 27 Apr 2020

16. Using compound interest, what is the Present Value of receiving $3,000 in 15 years' time when the interest rate is 4%?

Select one:

a. $45,000
b. $3,000
c. $1,665
d. $300
19.Calculate the simple interest for the whole first year of a promissory note where the principal is $34001, the interest rate is 8% and the note matures in 7 years' time.
Select one:
a. $19040.56
b. $1586.71
c. $388.58
d. $2720.08
20.What is the name of the interest rate specified on the face of a bond?
Select one:
a. The Yield to Maturity
b. The Effective Interest Rate
c. The Face Rate
d. The market rate
23.In 2020, Leonard Inc. declares a total of $2152 in cash dividends on common stock.  Net income was $24969 for the year. What is the dividend payout ratio?
Select one:
a. 8.62%
b. 11.60%
c. 53733288.00%
d. -22817.00%
24.Vertical analysis is usually performed on what financial statements?
Select one:
a. Balance Sheet and Retained Earnings Statement
b. Income statement and Retained Earnings Statement
c. Balance Sheet and Income Statement
d. Retained earnings statement, Income Statement  and Balance Sheet

Answered on 27 Apr 2020

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