25 Jun 2019

Job Analysis for an Accounting Manager role at a company


Job analysis is the overall process of “studying jobs in orderto gather, analyze, synthesize, and report information about jobrequirements and rewards” (Heneman et al., 2015, p. 153). It isdescribed as “the foundation upon which successful staffing systemsare constructed” (Heneman et al., 2015, p. 153). In this 2-partassignment, you will (a) propose a position to gather informationon, and then (b) create a job description and response to questionson the job analysis.

The first part of this assignment is Part 1: Topic Submissionand Annotated Bibliography. This part must contain the positionchosen with a brief annotated bibliography of 3 resources to beused in the project.

The second part of this assignment is Part 2: Job Descriptionand Job Analysis. This part must contain the job description withthe job analysis.

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Patrina Schowalter
Patrina SchowalterLv2
25 Jun 2019

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