1. Beginning inventory plus purchases equals:

a) cost of goods sold

b) goods available for sale

c) net purchases

d) ending inventory


2. Accounts receivable:

a) arise from the purchase of goods or services on credit

b) are amounts owed to a business by its customers.

c) are reported on the income statement.

d) will be collected within the discount period or when due.


3. A perpetual inventory system will always give updated balances for:

a) goods available for sale and sales revenue

b) inventory and cost of goods sold

c) accounts receivable and inventory

d) Inventory and sales revenue


4. What is the primary goal of internal controls for cash payments?

a) To make payments as quickly as possible

b) To ensure that payments are made only for properly authorized transactions

c) To independently verify cash payments

d) To ensure the lowest prices possible are paid

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