21 Jan 2019

Please use a few sentences to answer the following questions (Please print):

5. Consider a plant at these various stages of growth:

A) seedling pushes through soil and begins growth

B) seedling continues vertical growth

C) seedling becomes shaded from new growth above

D) seedling has apical tip bitten off by herbivore

Describe the actions of auxins and cytokinins during the 4 stages of plant growth described above including any interactions between these 2 hormones.

6. Tremendous increases in crop yields (the “ Green Revolution ”) during the 20th century occurred because of increased use of fertilizer and the introduction of semi- dwarf varieties of grains(e.g. rice).

Describe the role of gibberellins in the semi- dwarf varieties of grains compared to the wild- type.

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Jarrod Robel
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23 Jan 2019

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