5 Mar 2018

1.) the oldest fossil identifie so far , the stromatolites , represent which type of cell ?
A. Virus
B. Prokaryotes
C. Multicellular
D. Eukaryotes
2. A genetic change that causes a certain Hox gene to be expressed along the tip of a vertebrate limb bud instead of farther back helped make possible the evolution of a tetrapods limb. This type of change represents which of the following ?
A. Paedomorphosis
B. Heterochrony
C. A change in developmental gene or in its regulation that altered the spatial organization of body parts
D. The influence of environment on development
3. The endosymbiosis theory states the orgin of the eukaryotic cells began when
A. A mutation in prokaryotic cells led to the creation of new organelles
B. Prokaryotic cell consumed a smaller cell
C. Prokaryotic cells went extinct
D. A prokaryotic cell needed more energy and evolved a mitochondria
4. Long term trends over geological history in speciation and extinction rates can be partially explained by
A. Natural selection in small populations
B. Over harvesting by humans
C. Plate tectonics and continental drift
D. Short term changes in present day environment
5. Fossil records are important for understanding change in living organism however there are multiple limitations including ( choose all that apply )
1. Evolutionary trends in fossils may change when new fossils are found
2. Some organisms do not create fossils
3. Fossil records are biased towards certain types of species
4. Not all fossils have been found

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