26 Aug 2019

1. Macrophages, dendritic cells, and neutrophils are all examples of __________

a. Phagocytes

b. Lymphocytes

c. Basophils

d. Parasites

2._______ is an antimicrobial peptide secreted by many types of animal cells. It breaks bonds in peptidoglycan and is most effective against _______.

a. Lysozyme i. Fungi

b. Histatin ii. Viruses

c. Lactoferrin iii. Gram positive bacteria

d. N-acetylglucosamine iv. Gram negative bacteria

3. Use of antibiotics can cause perturbations in this innate immune component.

a. Macrophages b. Dendritic Cells c. Toll-like Receptors d. Microbiota

4. Which potential outcome of complement activation seems to only effect bacteria of the genus Neisseria?

a. Initiation of inflammatory response b. Opsonization c. Membrane attack complex formation d. Apoptosis

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Tod Thiel
Tod ThielLv2
27 Aug 2019
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