6 Sep 2018

1)In the Arroyo Seco, the Western Toad feeds on beetles, bees, and small aquatic insects. The Bull Frog has been introduced and eats the same foods. The based on this information interaction between these two species can best be described as:

Parasite and Host
Predator and Prey

2)Introduced species such as the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer can damage the communities they are introduced to by:

changing communities to have a uniform distribution
providing food for native species
increasing species richness
spreading new parasites and diseases

3)Species that compete for the same resources often switch to either use different resources or find ways to reduce competition. Why is this often true?

introduced (exotic species) are always going to be the best competitors
to avoid parasites
direct competition harms both species, even the superior competitor
competition only benefits one of the species

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Jarrod Robel
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6 Sep 2018

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