15 Aug 2018

do you agree or disagree and why? + source of the information:

A prevalence proportion differs from an incidence rate by specified cases and time period. A prevalence rate focuses on all kinds of existing cases while incidence rate focuses on new cases of disease. Incidence rate is calculated by dividing the number of new cases over a certain period of time by the population number that is at risk at that same time. The prevalence proportion can be calculated by the number of all existing illness and deaths at a specific time divided by the number of people in that population. There is also point prevalence, which the prevalence is measured at a certain point and period prevalence which measures prevalence over a period of time. To estimate the future risk of breast cancer among women aged 50-65, Incidence rate would be a better indicator since it focuses on the new cases and divides that number by the average population that is at risk at that certain time. It would be better at indicating the risk for women of that specific age group. When estimating the number of surgeons to treat breast cancer a prevalence proportion would be a better indicator. Because a prevalence proportion focuses on all cases and not just new cases, it can measure the ratio of how many surgeons will be needed to treat all people vs just new cases.

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17 Aug 2018

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