11 Apr 2019

Which of the following provides evidence for evolution?

All of these answers are correct
Comparing DNA sequences between species
Looking at the geographic distribution of similar species
Comparing similarities in embryonic development between species
Analyzing transitional fossils

Which one of the following statements is true?

Natural selection works on non-heritable traits.
Mutations only give rise to harmful traits.
Natural selection works on variation already present in a population.
Individuals evolve through natural selection.

Which one of the following can create new alleles?

Genetic drift
Natural selection
Gene flow

Which of the following is true concerning evolution?

An individual can evolve
Genetic drift is a non-random part of natural selection
An organism's fitness is determined by how long it survives
Natural selection occurs through a change in allele frequency

All living things need carbon. How does carbon enter the living portion of an ecosystem?

Atmospheric carbon dioxide taken in by photosynthesis.
Atmospheric carbon dioxide taken in by soil bacteria.
Elemental carbon taken in by plant roots.
Elemental carbon taken in by cellular respiration.
Elemental carbon taken in by cellular transpiration.

The burning of fossil fuels:

Releases excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Removes pollutants from the atmosphere.
Was developed by scientists to combat global climate change.
Has no effect on the carbon cycle.
Is good for the environment

__________ conducts water and dissolved minerals from the __________ to the ___________.

Phloem; roots; shoots
Xylem; roots; shoots
Phloem; shoots; roots
Xylem; shoots; roots

What is a disadvantage of growing traditional crops such as corn, soy or sugar cane for making biofuel?

they require lots of land and fresh water
they take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere
they release oxygen into the atmosphere
they release water through their stomata

______ is the source of the oxygen gas released by a photosystem.


Through what structure(s) do plants obtain most of their water?

interior cells

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