29 Mar 2018

1. Which of the follow are traits that can be used to make a phylogenetic tree?

a)The bone structure differences between species

b)Similarities in how organs develop between species

c) Based on the differences of the organs found in each species

d)All of the above

E) None of the above

2. Two traits are homologous if:

a)They are what is used to differentiate two population

b)Required for random mating

Any feature that is shared by two or more species

d)All of the above

3. When looking at essential proteins that are conserved amongst different species

a)The only thing to look at is DNA sequence

b)The only thing to look at is a protein sequence


Often the sequences are different but the structures are very similar


d)Sequence alignments will tell you very little

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Reid Wolff
Reid WolffLv2
30 Mar 2018

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