27 Aug 2018

1. The size of a genome?

a.Influences that rate of mutations

b.Is larger the more complex an organism is

c.Is the term used to describe all of the DNA of an organism

d.Is the term used to describe all of the gene’s in an organism

2. When looking at essential proteins that are conserved amongst different species


The only thing to look at is DNA sequence


The only thing to look at is a protein sequence


Often the sequences are different but the structures are very similar


d. Sequence alignments will tell you very little

3. Molecular Evolution

a.Looks at the sequences of DNA and RNA

b.Is not concerned with the structure of a protein

c.Uses molecular evolution to explain the molecular basis of biological diversity

d.All of the above

e.None of the above

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Deanna Hettinger
Deanna HettingerLv2
28 Aug 2018

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