13 Jul 2019

#1 Which of the following must occur when a position on the ER isnot available for a ribosome, which is translating a secretoryprotein

A The ribosome will temporarily dock on the smooth ER
B The ribosome will disassemble until there is an availableposition
C The ribosime will undergo translational arrest
D The ribosome will complete the synthesis of the protein and dropit into the cytosol as a domesticated protein

#2 N-glycosylation occurs in which organelle?

C Golgi Apparatus
D All of the above

#3 A protein with two stop-transfer sequences along with aLys-Lys-Met-Ser sequence will end up where in the cell?

A Plasma Membrane
B ER Membrane
C The ER lumen
D The lysosome

#4 Which does NOT happen during co-translation of secretoryproteins?

A Cleaving of protein
B Glycosylation of proteins
C Trimming of protein
D Protein folding

#5 Which is the CORRECT order the translational complexforms?

A mRNA---> large ribosome ---> small ribosome --->tRNA
B Large ribosome ---> mRNA ---> small ribosome --->tRNA
C Small ribosome ---> large ribosome ---> mRNA --->tRNA
D mRNA ---> small ribosome ---> large ribosome --->tRNA

#6 Which component of the cytoskeleton consist of rope-likefibrills that provides the cell mechanical strength when subjectedto physical stress, including neurons, muscle cells, and theepithelial cells that line the body's cavities?

A Microtubules
B Microfiliaments
C Intermediate Filiaments
D Lamins

#7 What type of glycosylation occurs in the Golgi?

A Glycosylation of Asparagine
B Glycosylation of Serine
C Glycosylationof Asp and Ser
D Glycosylation of Nucleic Acids

#8 Ebony was examining a cell's organelle which was almost as largeas the cell. She discovered that the pH was 4.6. Which of thefollowing organelles was she studying?

A Nucleus
B Endosome
C Vacuole
D Lysosome

#9 Which is NOT a function of the smooth ER?

A Synthesis of carcinogens
B Synthesis of lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids
C Detoxification
D Release of calcium and glucose

#10 Which signal sequence is NOT part of the final protein?

A Glycosylation
B Stop-transfer
C Leader sequence
D ER retention

#12 Detoxification of charred foods oftentimes form carcinogensfrom:

A acid hydrolases
B benoapadines
C benzopyrenes
D free radicals

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