26 Mar 2018

1) How does position effect influence gene expression?

a) Translocations may result in apromoter that is normally used for one gene now controlling anentirely different gene.

b) Since this mechanism relies n recombination it relies on thepositioning of one allele so that it is under the control of theother allele.

c) Translocations always result in a gene being recombined intoan area of heterochromatin.

2) A tRNA that has an amino acid attached is called

a) a degenerate tRNA

b) a coding tRNA

c) a charged tRNA

3) In the following sequence of DNA, the initialized and boldbase has been mutated. What type of mutation is this 5’-GATCTCCGAATT – 3’ original strand

5’- GATCTCCCAATT – 3’ mutated strand

a) Transversion

b) Transition

c) Neither

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Hubert Koch
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27 Mar 2018

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