20 Jan 2019

V. A patient came into the office sufferingfrom flu like symptoms, accompanied by Fever, Abdominal pain, Backpain, Chills, Excessive sweating, Fatigue with joints pain. Thefever has been an up and down fever. The patient said he hadvisited a farm a week ago and had drunk milk. He did not know ifthe milk or the yoghurt he had caused this.

1. What infection does he have? Name the causativeagent.

2. How did he become infected with this microbe? Explainthe pathogenesis of this disease.

3. Name another agent that also causesinfection in pasteurized dairy products? What are the virulencefactors for this pathogen? How would you treat it based onthat?

4. What are the virulence factors for the pathogen? Howwould you treat it based on that? Why is it considered as a foodborne illness yet there are no symptoms that indicating itis?

5. The patient does not have diarrhea,however how would the type of diarrhea assist in the identificationof the disease a patient may have. Give at least 3 examples statingthe agent its disease, type of diarrhea, virulence factors andtreatment.

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21 Jan 2019

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