4 Jul 2018

True or False? Mate choice is important onanimal species behavior. Male and female animals often differ inthe cost of reproduction and therefore have different behaviors

True or False? Natural selection is the sum ofsurvival and fertility mechanisms that affect reproductivesuccess.


Water fleas, Daphnia magna, can switch betweenasexual and sexual reproduction cycles. Which of the followingobservations support the hypothesis that sex is favored inunpredictable environments?

Select one:

a. The introduction of predators triggers sexualreproduction.

b. D. magna reproduces asexually every other generationin a variety of habitats.

c. D. magna reproduces sexually when its aquatichabitat dries up.

d. Asexual D. magna strains outcompete introducedcompetitors.

e. A and C


Reciprocal altruism can be best explained with a model proposedby Trivers in 1971: If one individual (A) pays some cost to helpanother individual (B), but the cost is recovered at some point inthe future (when B helps A), then natural selection might favorbehaviors that lead to this type of reciprocity. In which of thefollowing situations is reciprocal altruism likely to occur?

Select one:

a. in dynamic large populations where individuals rarelyinteract with the same set of partners

b. in eusocial groups such as termites, ants, and other suchspecies

c. in large populations of marine invertebrates

d. in stable groups, with ongoing interactions with the same setof partners

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