16 May 2018

The ____________ ear consists of the ____________ that funnels sound waves, the external acoustic meatus, and the ____________ that vibrates like a drum when sound waves hit.

The ____________ ear consists of the air-filled chamber, called the ____________ , and ossicles called the ____________ that transmit sound vibrations to the oval window.

The ____________ , also called the pharyngotympanic tube, connects the middle ear to the pharynx to equalize the ____________ in the outer and middle ear.

The organ of equilibrium is the ____________ , and the organ of hearing is called the ____________ , which is a coiled snail-like tube; this structure converts sound waves to nerve impulses.

The inner ear also consists of tubes called the ____________ labyrinth that lines the bony labyrinth and is filled with ____________ , a similar fluid to intracellular fluid; the fluids are important in transmitting sound waves.

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Irving Heathcote
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17 May 2018
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