61) How areantiangiogenic drugs used in the treatment of


A) These drugsstop the replication of DNA so cancer cells

cannot reproduce.

B) These drugsstop the growth of blood vessels into the

tumor, so the cells "starve" to death.

C) These drugsstop metastasis.

D) These drugsstimulate the immune system.

E) These drugsstimulate the production of free radicals,

which kill cancer cells.

62) Which of the

following is true regarding photodynamic therapy?

A) It involves the use

of light sensitive drugs to target a cancer.

B) It uses magnets to

attract beads coated with a chemotherapeutic drug to acancer.

C) It is presently used

for the treatment of cancers of the breast and ovary.

D) It inhibits


E) It involves the use

of antibodies to deliver treatments to a cancer.

63) Which ofthe following types of cancer kills the highest

percentage of people diagnosed with the condition?






64) A mutationin which of the following genes can lead to

breast cancer?

A) BT05

B) HeLa




65) If angiogenesis

were not to occur, a tumor would reach the size of a ________and stop growing.

A) period on a

typewritten page (.)

B) baseball

C) grapefruit

D) pea

E) basketball

66) Not onlydoes smoking cause lung cancer, it also doubles

the risk of which of the following types of cancer?




67) For women with a

mutated BRCA gene, the risk of breast cancer is about 60%.However, detection

of the mutated gene can occur before cancer ever develops by

A) testing of a blood


B) screening


C) taking a biopsy of

breast tissue.

D) a PET scan.

E) urinalysis.

68) In some cases, why

doesn%u2019t the immune system recognize and destroy acancer?

A) Cancer cells that

produce abnormal antigens sometimes shed them.

B) Cancer cells have

less surface receptors needed for proper activation of Tcells.

C) Cancer cells have

enough %u201Cself%u201D surface markers as to be identified asnormal cells.

D) Cancer cells develop

from normal cells that cannot regulate cell division.

E) all of the above are


69) Theultimate goal of the male reproductive system is to

A) ensure thatsperm is produced at the correct time,

coinciding with ovulation.

B) releasesperm into the female's reproductive system.

C) join spermwith an egg, in an environment that favors


D) producelarge numbers of sperm.

E) maintain thehomeostatic condition of the male's body.

70) Synthesisof new sperm cells occurs in the

A) ductusdeferens.


C) prostategland.

D) epididymis.

E) seminiferous tubules.

71) Externalgenitalia

of the male reproductive system include(s)

A) theejaculatory duct.

B) the urethraand scrotum.

C) the penisand scrotum.

D) thepenis.

E) the penis,urethra, and ejaculatory duct.

72) The releaseof LH in human males signals that

A) inhibin hasinhibited FHS secretion.

B) thehypothalamus has been stimulated to release inhibin.

C) spermproduction must be reduced.

D) the positivefeedback loop that regulates sperm production

is active.

E) blood levels of

testosterone are low

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