Which statement about evolution by natural selection isfalse?

Natural selection allows organisms with higher fitness toreproduce more successfully.
Natural selection favors those traits that confer higherfitness in the environment.
Natural selection is a random change in characteristics of apopulation over generations.
Evolution by natural selection affects populations oforganisms, not individual organisms.

An organism's fitness depends on its _____.

ability to survive and reproduce
ability to swap genetic material with other organisms
physical size
ability to mutate

Consider the heavily armored stickleback fish population thatcolonized the lake. If all the individuals in that population weregenetically identical, what do you predict would happen when theycolonized the freshwater lake?

The population would increase, as it has increased foodresources.
The population would evolve through natural selection to bebetter adapted to its environment.
The population would decrease due to more juvenile fish beingeaten.
No answer text provided.

Which of the following are adaptations?

Thicker beaks on finches that allows them to eat large seeds,when large seeds are the most abundant.
Less armor on stickleback fish in freshwater that allows themto grow faster to avoid predation.
More armor on stickleback fish in the ocean that prevents themfrom being eaten by larger predators.
None of the above.
All of the above.

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