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Leaf cutter ants exhibit eusociality or true social behavior.Worker ants, which are females, cut and transport the leaves andrear the fungus on the leaves as well as rear the young produced bythe queen. The ants exhibit haploidiploidy so all of the males havea ________ number of chromosomes in their body cells. The daughtersfrom a single male receive all of the same paternal genes so thedaughters are related by _______% (coefficient or relatedness=r)from this source alone. Daughters get ½ of their genes from theirmother. Therefore, the workers (daughters) are related by_______%(r) through their mother and the total relatedness (r) ofthe workers from a single male and queen is _________%.

In another ant species, the relatedness (r) of the workers is0.65 or 65% since the queen has matings with multiple males. UsingHamilton’s Rule (rB>C), explain if this type of altruisticbehavior makes sense for the inclusive fitness of these worker antsif B equals 8 and C equals 4 for each individual ant. (4 pts.)

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