Double check to see if I got these right? 3 questions

Some Processes Involved in DNA Replication

1.The replication origin is identified.

2 DNA primase builds RNA primer.

3Okazaki fragments are spliced by DNA ligase.

4Helicases bind and uncoil the DNA double helix.

5 RNA primer is the starting point for DNA polymerase.

6 DNA replication ends at the telomere where DNA codes fortermination.

7 DNA polymerase adds complementary nucleotides in the 5' to 3'direction in short segments called Okazaki fragments.

The sequence in which the events numbered above occur during DNAreplication of the lagging strand: Number 1 - 7 in order.

I put: 1,4,2,5,7,3,6

__________________Question 2:

Some Functions of Enzymes

  1. Build DNA strands
  2. Build RNA primers
  3. Build mRNA strand
  4. Cleave DNA strands
  5. Splice Okazaki fragments

Helicase :4
DNA ligase :5
RNA primase :1
RNA polymerase :3
DNA polymerase:2

Question 3:

like mRNA, tRNA has a ribose sugar, U instead of T, and issingle stranded. Unlike mRNA, which remains a long single strand ofnucleotides, tRNA folds so that some areas pair up.

The resulting structure has an anticodon on one end and a site foran amino acid to attach on the other end. There is basecomplementarity (A pairs with U and G pairs with C) between an mRNAcodon and tRNA anticodon.

If the amino acid tyrosine attaches to a tRNA, which of thefollowing anticodons could be at the opposite end of the tRNAmolecule?

Select one:

a. ATA and ATG

b. UAU and UAC

c. AUA and AUG

d. AGA and AGU

I picked B.

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