One effective learning strategy when trying to learn largeamounts of factual information is to group items, or “chunk”. Youshould include all important structures of the cell (this includescell membrane and membrane adaptations as well as organelles).Examples of general categories could be location, function,morphology, etc. Your categorization groups must tell the viewersomething about the structures. Once your structures are groupedaccording to the characteristics they share, you should include ashort phrase about what differentiates them from each other withinthe group. Citation of your source material must be present.

List of Organelles:

Nucleus, Nuclear envelope/membrane, Nucleolus, Ribosomes,Endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, Mitochondria, Plasmamembrane, Cytoskeleton, Transport/secretory vesicles,Phagosomes/endosomes-including sorting & recycling endosomes,Lysosomes, Peroxisomes, Lipid droplets, Glycogen granules

I started this assignment and was going to go withfunction and morphology. Below is what I have so far, but I'mhaving a difficult time coming up with a short phrase for each anddistinguishing between the organelles that can change shape/morphand those that cannot. I am open to changing the categories that Ihave chosen to chunk. I've never used this technique before so it'sa new concept for me.


Protein Synthesis – Nucleus, Nuclear envelope, Nuclear porecomplex, Ribosomes, Rough endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus,Plasma membrane

Energy Production – Mitochondria, Lipid droplets, Glycogengranules

Transportation – Transport vesicles, Phagosomes,Cytoskeleton

Metabolism – Lysosomes aid in digestion, Peroxisomes oxidizefatty acids


Ability to change shape – Mitochondria, Cell membrane, Nuclearenvelope,

Inability to change shape – Nucleus, Nuclear envelope,

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28 Sep 2019
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