Before undertaking an exercise or nutrition program, whatpreliminary steps should be taken?

Choose an expensive activity; that way you know you've investedmoney in it and be more likely to stay with it.

Go to an exercise physiologist who can teach you how the bodyworks.

Choose an enjoyable activity that you know you will stay withwhether you're alone or in a group.

Get an exercise stress test from a sports medicine doctor who isalso knowledgeable in nutrition.


The most important component(s) of exercise from a health andlongevity standpoint is(are)

the intensity and duration of the activity.

the duration and frequency of the activity.

the frequency and regularity of the activity.

the warm-up and cool-down periods.


Among the physiological benefits of regular exercise, which ofthe following can occur?

Regular exercise will inhibit the blood chemistry responsiblefor the "good" cholesterol.

Regular exercise can be a way to improve mood and relievedepression.

Regular exercise has been shown to increase the need for"energizers."

Regular exercise decreases blood flow to the brain, thereforeactivating endorphins, natural tranquilizers.


By eating a high carbohydrate diet the day before any athleticevent,

muscles will have adequate fuel, i.e., glycogen for thecompetition.

athletes can eat more protein the day of the competition.

less water will be needed the day of the competition sincecarbohydrates are high in water.

all of these.


A person with high blood cholesterol should considerparticipating in an aerobic exercise program such as walking orjogging because aerobic exercise

will raise HDL ("good") cholesterol after a period of trainingand decrease the risk for heart disease.

will cause a sudden increase in the heart rate to near maximallevels which lowers the "bad" cholesterol.

forces more LDL ("bad") cholesterol out of the body throughwaste elimination.

keeps the blood circulating faster, even at rest, thereforecauses a decrease in total blood cholesterol.


For most athletes who are well-nourished, nutrition supplementssuch as protein powders and vitamin pills

dramatically improve performance.

improve performance only moderately.

do not significantly improve performance.

seem to cause a decrease in performance.


In addition to being able to exercise at work, employees whohave access to a Wellness program and fitness facility at the jobsite

is more likely to make positive changes in lifestyle.

has less absenteeism from work.

becomes more educated in health issues.

all of these.


The general recommendation to support activity is to eat adiet

high in protein and low in fat.

low in protein and high in carbohydrate.

high in carbohydrate and low in fat.

high in carbohydrate and high in protein.


Walking is considered the best form of exercise because it

is not expensive.

promotes cardiovascular endurance.

is easy to perform.

all of these.


  1. Exercise and nutrition are important components of a soundprogram for physically challenged people because they

    are investments in good physical health.

    help support a positive mental health.

    help people face the challenges of life and achieve dreams.

    all of these.

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