_____What is added to a molecule such as ADP when it is phosphorylated?

_____ An anaerobic process in which pyruvate is converted to lactate

_____ A biochemical process that breaks down food molecules to produce other molecules for cellular maintenance.

_____What is the final end product of Glycolysis?

_____ Refers to the potential energy provided by a large hydrogen-cation concentration gradient, and it’s movement across a biological membrane during chemiosmosis.

_____ A molecule that transfers or shuttles electrons during redox reactions.

_____ An organism that can survive in the presence or absence of oxygen.

_____ A type of enzyme that teams with NAD+ to remove hydrogen atoms with their electrons.

_____ The loss of electrons from one molecule to another.

_____ A process in which ATP is produced using the energy stored in concentration gradients.

_____ The products produced during a biochemical reaction that fall between the starting molecule and the end product.

_____ Biochemical process in which a glucose molecule is degraded to two pyruvates.

_____ Short for “reduction/oxidation” reactions

_____How many pyruvate molecules are produced from a single Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate?

_____ The formation of ATP occurring when an enzyme transfers a phosphate group from an organic molecule to ADP.

_____ Organisms that will die in the presence of oxygen.

_____ A term referring to the presence of oxygen.

_____ A series of electron-carrier molecules that shuttle electrons during the redox reactions that release energy used to make ATP.

_____ A biochemical process in which pyruvate is produced without the presence of oxygen.

20._____ The metabolic cycle that is fueled by Acetyl CoEnzyme A; occurs in the matrix of the mitochondria and supplies most of the NADH molecules that carry energy to the electron transport chain.

_____What is the chemical formula for Cellular Respiration?

_____What environmental condition is necessary for Anaerobic Respiration to occur?

_____Where does the Electron Transport Chain occur in the mitochondria?

_____Where does Glycolysis occur in a cell?

_____ An anaerobic process in which CO2 is released as a byproduct and ethanol is produced as a product.

_____Where does the Krebs cycle occur in the mitochondria?

_____ The gain of electrons from one molecule to another.

_____ A high-energy fuel molecule that begins the Citric Acid Cycle.

_____What condition is necessary of Aerobic Respiration to occur?

_____ A term referring to the absence of oxygen.

_____What compound is derived from B vitamins, and helps the Acetyl portion of Acetyl CoA into the Krebs Cycle?

_____What is the name of the molecule that channels protons, providing the energy necessary to phosphorylate ADP to ATP?

_____In the blank, write the number of ATP’s that can be synthesized from 3 NADH molecules.

_____In the blank, write the number of ATP’s that can be synthesized from a single FADH2 molecule.

_____What is the final electron acceptor in cellular respiration?

_____What molecule is regenerated during the process of the Krebs Cycle?

_____What enzyme is used to catalyzed the reaction that occurs during the formation of Acetyl CoA?

_____How many pyruvates are produced from a single glucose molecule?

_____How many Acetyl CoA molecules are produced from a single glucose molecule?

_____What is the reduced form of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide?

_____What is the oxidized form of Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide?

42._____ A membrane protein that is used in conjunction with chemiosmosis to produced ATP.

I know that this alot of questions, but it's kinda a last ditch effort. these are the last 42 definitions i have left to answer out of 500 question for my final exam study guide. so whatever help i can get is fine. No explanations needed just what each definition is explaining and thanks in advance ladies and gentlemen.

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