You genotype a C/T SNP from a sample of narwhals (Monodon monoceros) from the arctic at two locations, Canada and Siberia, and get the following genotype frequencies.


c-/c- 9

c+/c- 26

c+/c+ 30


c-/c- 28

c+/c- 32

c+/c+ 15

A) What is the frequency of the c- allele in each population?

B) What fraction of heterozygosity is missing (FIS) in each population?

C) What is the average of the expected frequency of heterozygotes over all populations (HS)?

D) What is the average allele frequency over all populations?

E) What is the total expected heterozygosity frequency (HT)?

F) What is the fraction of heterozygosity missing due to differences in allele frequencies between populations (FST)?

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Deanna Hettinger
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28 Sep 2019

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