8. What is the assumption used when arranging species on aphylogenetic tree?

  • Polyploid species were directly related to similarspecies.
  • Species were able to evolve independently on differentcontinents.
  • Organisms with the most traits in common are the most closelyrelated.
  • When a species was formed can determine the species to which itis most closely related.

9. Speciation is a form of...

  • microevolution.
  • macroevolution.
  • artificial selection.
  • natural selection.

10. The difference between the processes involved in allopatricspeciation and sympatric speciation is...

  • sympatric speciation occurs much more slowly.
  • sympatric speciation requires interaction with anotherspecies.
  • allopatric speciation requires geographic isolation.
  • allopatric speciation occurs through the formation of sets ofthree or more chromosomes.

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