1) Which of these probabilities are NOT independent of eachother?

The probability that a student is a sophomore and has brownhair
The probability that when you roll two dice, you will roll a 6before a 2
The probability that it will rain and the probability ofneeding an umbrella

The probability that there will be heavy traffic on BaltimoreAve and the probability you will lose your cell phone

2) We are defining evolution as a "change in allele frequenciesover time". Ironically, the focus of this lab is the Hardy-Weinbergequilibrium - conditions that, if all met, will result in NOevolution occurring. Which of the following are among theconditions that must be met for the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium toapply perfectly to a population?

A. The population must be very large
B. Individuals must mate at random
C. The alleles must differ in their effects on survival
D. There must be free migration into and out of thepopulation
A & B

A, B, & C

3)In cats, black fur is dominant over any allele for brown fur.If a homozygous dominant cat makes kittens with a heterozygous cat,what is the probability that the first kitten will have brown fur?Report as a proportion, not percentage, e.g., .1, NOT 10%.


The EGLN1 gene helps regulate body oxygen levels. One allele His dominant over h, and helps increase fitness at high altitude(where oxygen is low). In a study of families in Tibet, researchersfound 422 HH individuals, 377 Hh, and 201 hh individuals. The studyshowed that infant mortality was lower in Hh individuals than hh,and lowest in HH individuals.
Is the Tibetan population in Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium at this H/hgene?


What is the most important factor affecting the strength ofgenetic drift?

The frequency of the rarest genotype
The size of the population
The allele frequencies
The genetic diversity in the population

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