1. Name two similarities and two differences between thecellular processes of importing

protein into the ER and importing protein to the nucleus.

2. What proteins are directly involved in the transportation ofcargo in a clathrin-coated


a. Dynamin

b. Adaptins

c. Cargo receptors


3. Suppose a cell was treated with colchiine, a drug causingmicrotubule disassembly.

What would happen within the cell? Why?

Suppose there were a genetic defect in the genes that code forkinesins and dyneins.

What would happen within the cell? Why?

4. Which of the following are true about microtubules?

a. They are utilized by the disease causing bacteriaLysteria.

b. Instability in the minus-end of the microtubule is caused bythe hydrolization of GTP.

c. Centrosomes contain binding sites for microtubules composed atype of tubulin ring.

d. Cellular concentrations of tubulin are above the criticalconcentration for plus-end


e. Motor proteins can attach organelles to the microtubules.

5. Indicate which of the following statements are false:

a. Membrane fusion is energetically unfavorable and thusrequires ATP or similar high

energy molecule to occur

b. Clathrin is responsible for capturing specific molecules fortransport in coated vesicle


c. Receptor proteins that are incorporated into an endosome canbe retrieved back to the

membrane domain it originated from; can return to a new domainof the membrane; or

can enter the lysosome for digestion.

d. Transport vesicles occasionally bud from the trans Golginetwork to fuse with the

plasma membrane in a process called constitutive exocytosis.

e. Most components of the endocytic vesicle membrane eventuallyare returned to the

plasma membrane for reuse.

6. Match the following organelles with their function:

Organelle Bank:

a. Mitochondria

b. Endoplasmic reticulum

c. Nucleus

d. Lysosome

e. Endosome

f. Peroxisome

g. Golgi apparatus

_____ quality control of mRNA

_____ location of oxidative phosphorylation

_____ responsible for detoxifying organic molecules (livercells)

_____ houses and protects genetic material

_____ responsible for modification and sorting of proteins andlipids

_____ location of ATP synthesis

_____ responsible for sorting endocytosed materials

_____ site of degradation and digestion

_____ responsible for oxidizing toxic molecules

_____ location of lipid synthesis

_____ location of hormone synthesis (adrenal cells)

B. Which organelle(s) from the above list communicate(s) withother organelle(s)

through the use of vesicular transport? ________________

C. Which organelle(s) from the above list receive proteins madein the


D. Through which organelle(s) must proteins pass to reach theorganelle(s) which do not

receive proteins made exclusively in thecytosol?______________

E. Entrance into which organelle(s) requires that proteinsunfold and snake through the

membrane? _________________

F. How do organelles maintain their position in the cytosol? Bespecific.

G. Give 2 advantages that eukaryotic cells gain by havingorganelles.

7. Which of the following statements are true regardingactin?

a. They are arranged in a

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