1. Ifa species of flower has the allele R (red) which is incompletelydominant to the allele r (white) what color is the genotype of anindividual with a red flower? Choose as many as areappropriate. (Points: 2) RR

2. A gene can be defined as... (Points :2)
alternateforms of the DNA for a trait
geneticcombination that determines the observable form of a trait
partof the DNA that codes for a specific protein
theobservable form of a trait

3. A homozygote is an individual in which(Points : 2)
allelesof the gene pair are different
allelesof the gene pair are identical
genesare homolgous
traitsare passed from parents to progeny

4. Which of the following might be aphenotype? (Points : 2)

5. What does "F2 generation" refer to? (Points: 2)
theoffspring of the parental generation
theoffspring of crossing the F1 generation with itself
theoffspring of crossing the F1 generation with the parentalgeneration

6. Which of the following genotypes isheterozygous? (Points : 2)

7. Which statement best describes a dominantallele? (Points : 2)
theallele expressed in the homozygote
theallele expressed in the heterozygote
theallele that is most common in the population
theallele that is lethal

8. In a monohybrid cross, if genotype AA iscrossed with genotype aa what will the ratio of genotypes be?(Points : 2)
0AA:1 Aa:0 aa
1AA:2 Aa:1 aa
1AA: 1 aa
1AA:1 Aa:1 aa

9. Leaf color is controlled by 2 alleles whereA (green) is dominant to a (yellow). Leaf shape is controlled by 2alleles where B (round) is dominant to b (heart-shaped). If oneparent's genotype is AABB what is its phenotype? (Points : 2)
green,round leaves
green,heart-shaped leaves
yellow,round leaves
yellow,heart-shaped leaves

10. Leaf color is controlled by 2 alleleswhere A (green) is dominant to a (yellow). Leaf shape is controlledby 2 alleles where B (round) is dominant to b (heart-shaped). Ifthe genotype AaBb is crossed with the genotype AaBb what will theratio of phenotypes be? (Points : 3)
1green, round: 1 green, heart: 1 yellow, round: 1 yellow,heart
1green, round: 2 green , heart: 2 yellow, round: 1 yellow,heart
9green, round: 3 green, heart: 3 yellow, round: 1 yellow,heart
9AABB: 3 Aabb: 3 aaBb: 1 aabb

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