1. The anatomic position refers to the position in which a person is standing upright facing the observer, feet parallel and flat on the floor, and palms facing forward.



2. The study of how gases are transferred between the lungs and blood, and between the blood and body tissues, best describes the focus of

cardiovascular physiology.

respiratory physiology.

nervous system anatomy.

reproductive anatomy.

3. Which level of organization in the human body involves two or more tissue types working together to perform specific, complex functions?

Tissue level

Cellular level

Organismal level

Organ level

4. A patient complaining of pain on his left side just deep to the ribs would be referring to which abdominopelvic quadrant?

Left upper

Right upper

Right lower

Left lower

5. Homeostasis is BEST described as

a process in which the external environment has no influence on the internal environment.

the changes in the internal environment which have no influence on health.

the maintenance of a stable internal environment despite a changing external environment.

the prevention of changes internally despite external changes.

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