1. Biological specimens such as urine, stool and saliva samples can be useful for identifying all of the following, except
A risk factors for disease
B characteristics associated with having the disease
C blood pressure
D presence of disease
2. Abstracts provide a glimpse into the content of an article?
A true
B false
3. Acquisition of evidence for improving clinical and public health practices and policies is an example of a societal benefit of health research?
A true
B false
4. Population health research objectives may include:
A identifying and classifying new health problems
B determining risk factors
C evaluating the impact of health policies on health outcomes
D al of the above
5. All of the following are examples of tests of physiological function, except:
A spirometry
B electrocardiography
C audiometry
D all of the above
6. Which is not an example of population based research?
A compare rates of acure lung disease in several metropolitan areas and see whether the rates of disease are correlated with local air quality
B determine whether survival following breast cancer diagnosis is linked to the presencw of certain genes
C conduct a vaccine trial
D analyze biochemical composition of selected foods
7. Health researchers examine all of the following factors that contribute to health and to disease illness disability and death except:
A developmental
B socioeconomic
C biological
D environmental
8. ____ is physiological measurements that can be accurately taken after minimal instruction.
A anthropometry
B basic vital signs
C clinical examinations
D biological specimens
9. Population based studies are typically conducted using:
A human subjects
B animals
C research facilities
D none of the above
10. The process of systematically and carefully investigating a subject in order to learn or discover new information about the world is known as?
A epidemiology
B health
C research
D none of the above
11. When identifying specific exposures diseases and populations of interest identifying relevant statistics is not helpful.
A true
B false
12. Which of the following is not an example of an adittional assessment that can be conducted as a way to supplement self reported information during the data collection process?
A vital signs
B test of physiological function
C physical fitness tests
D surveys
13. To look for a health science abstract in PubMed one an use all of the following search methods except:
A keywords
B meSH terms
C Boolean operators
D reprise operators
14. When conducting anthropometric measurements, there is no need for the researcher to ensure that the methods used to take these measurements are standardized
A true
B false
15. There is no need to read the full article if the abstract is available.
A true
B false
16. Which of the following is not an example of an examination a clinician can conduct to examine many health states that machines are unable to assess well?
A breath sounds and other respiratory functions
B heart sounds
C heart rate
D the condition of the skin hair and nails
17. Which is not a step in the research process?
A identify a study question
B select a study approach
C report study findings
D all of the above
18. A paragraph length summary of an article chapter or book is known as a
A abstract
B summary
C review
D database
19. Health science abstracts usually provide a brief description of
A study design
B the study populatio
C key findings of the study
D all of the above
20. The goal of every research project is to find and address gaps in the literature and to build on precious work.
A true
B false
21. Which is not an example of laboratory research?
A compare tests of air quality in several metropolitan areas
B identify biological mechanisms for the emergence of drug resistant bacteria
C use a food frequency questionnaire to examine dietary behaviors in a selected population
D develop a new vaccine
22. If clinical examinations are conducted as part of the data collection process an assessment form should carefully describe each component of the examination procedure to be used and diagnostic procedure for each item on the assessment form
A true
B false
23. ____ is the measurement of the size/composition of the human body
A anthropology
B vital signs
C clinical examinations
D biological specimens
24. Health research is considered to be a scientific process only.
A true
B false
25. The goal of any one research project is to contribute vast amount of information that when pooled with other researchers information will provide evidentiary foundation for change
A true
B false
26. Which is an example of health abstract databases available from libraries via subscription
A embase
B ISI web of science
D all of the above
27. All of the following are examples of anthropometric measurements except:
A height
B waist circumference
C skinfold measurements
D blood pressure
28. All of the following are good sources of information that a researcher can use to explore what his primary area of research interest is except:
A fact sheets
B newspapers
C popular magazines
D all of the above
29. Which of the following is the most important publicly available health science database?
A Psyninfo
B ISI web of science
C PubMed

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