What is the function of the simple columnar epithelium?

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Simple columnar epithelia with microvilli emit stomach related enzyme and retain processed nourishment. Simple columnar epithelia with cilia help in the development of mucus and reproductive cells. Columnar epithelial cells are epithelial cells whose height is at least four times their width.These cells are tall and are arranged like columns. A basic columnar epithelium is a columnar epithelium that is uni-layered. In people, a basic columnar epithelium lines organ of the stomach related tract including the stomach, small digestive system, and large intestine. Basic columnar epithelia line the uterus.

Columnar epithelia with microvilli

There are around 3000 microvilli per cell, so they give a vast surface territory to greatest intestinal absorption.The line most organs of the stomach related tract, including the stomach and the little and internal organs.

Ciliated columnar epithelia

Ciliated columnar epithelia are found in the respiratory tract, in the Fallopian tubes, and in the uterus. The development of the cilia helps in pushing bodily fluid away to clear the respiratory tract. In the conceptive framework, flows produced by the cilia push the egg cell toward the uterus.

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