Why does DNA replication need to occur?

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DNA resembles the guidance manual for structure and working a cell. DNA replication needs to happen in light of the fact that current cells separation to create new cells. Every cell needs a full guidance manual to work appropriately. So the DNA should be replicated before cell division with the goal that each new cell gets a full arrangement of directions.

Fundamentally, every time a cell experiences mitosis (one sort of cell division), different enzyme work to split every DNA strand into equal parts, and afterward supplant the missing half on the separated strands with relating nucleotides, abandoning you with two indistinguishable strands. At the point when the whole of a cell's genome is duplicated (alongside every one of the organelles), the cell can divide into two little daughter cells.

Envision cutting yourself down the center and divide yourself fifty-fifty, and after that utilizing every 50% of you as a format to reproduce the other half. That is the science behind it, however most importantly DNA is imitated so as to reproduce itself .Moreover DNA replication is the process by which DNA makes a copy of itself during cell division.

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