The term replication refers to DNA's abilityto

a. attack bacteriaphages
b. make copies of itself
c. respond to X-ray photography
d. twist into a helix

Meselson and Stahl performed thedensity-gradient centrifugation of DNA in a solution of calciumchloride.

a. True
b. False

Sulfur is

a. found in bacteria but not viruses.
b. found in proteins but not nucleic acids.
c. found in nucleic acid but notproteins.
d. found in viruses but not bacteria.
e. needed for bacteriophages to attach tobacteria.

Chargaff's rule state that in DNA, the amount ofadenine equals

a. the amount of cytosine
b. the amount guanine
c. the amount of thymine
d. the amount of guanine and thymine

Each complete turn of the DNA helix is howlong?

a. 2.0 nm
b. 5.0 nm
c. 2.1 nm
d. 3.0 nm
e. 3.4 nm

Griffin did an experiment in which live Rbacteria was changed by dead S bacteria. Such a change is anexample of
Select one:
a. translocation
b. transformation
c. transduction
d. fertilization

One of Chargaff's rules state

a. A + T = G + C
b. A + G = T + C
c. A = G, T = C
d. A = C, T = G

The diameter of the DNA ladder is always

a. 2.5 nm
b. 1.5 nm
c. 2.0 nm
d. 3.0 nm
e. 3.4 nm

Which of the following is a purine base?

a. thymine
b. malomine
c. adenine
d. All of the above
e. cytosine

According to the base pairing rules, guaninebinds with

a. guanine
b. adenine
c. thymine
d. cytosine

Which of the following is a pyrimidinebase?
Select one:
a. colchicines
b. guanine
c. adenine
d. None of the answers
e. thymine

Each nucleotide in a DNA molecule is constructedof
Select one:
a. a phosphate group, a five carbon sugar, and anitrogen base
b. a phosphate group, a six carbon sugar,and a nitrogen base
c. a phosphate group, a five carbon sugar, and aoxygen base
d. a sulfur group, a five carbon sugar molecule,and a nitrogen base

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