Facts about ribosomes

Indicate whether each of the following statements aboutribosomes is true or false.

1. Ribosomes are composed of tRNA and protein. TrueFalse
2. During translation in eukaryotes, some ribosomes remain free inthe cytoplasm while others attach to protein channels embedded inthe RER. TrueFalse
3. During initiation of translation, the small ribosomal subunitjoins to the mRNA and initiator rRNA, followed by the largeribosomal subunit. TrueFalse
4. When a ribosome first assembles on the mRNA, the initiator tRNAoccupies the A site while the P and E sites are empty.TrueFalse
5. During translation, a charged tRNA first binds to the ribosomeif its anticodon matches the codon in the E site. TrueFalse
6. A peptide bond forms between the amino acid attached to a tRNAin the A site and the growing polypeptide attached to a tRNA in theP site. TrueFalse
7. Uncharged tRNA molecules in the E site are ejected from theribosome. TrueFalse
8. No more than 2 tRNA molecules are bound to a ribosome at anygiven time. TrueFalse
9. During translocation of the ribosome, tRNA molecules move fromthe P site, to the A site, to the E site, and are then ejected fromthe ribosome. TrueFalse
10. During translation, an amino acid attached to a tRNA in the Asite is transferred to a growing polypeptide attached to a tRNA inthe P site. TrueFalse

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28 Sep 2019
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