1. Which of the following statements about antibiotic resistancein bacteria is NOT true?

Select one:

a. Antibiotic resistance often originates from the microbes thatproduce antibiotics for their own survival.

b. The antibiotic resistance gene can be transmitted to bacteriavia transformation or transduction.

c. Antibiotic resistance cannot be conferred by conjugation asconjugation only affects the fertility of bacteria.

d. Environments where antibiotics are frequently used such ashospitals are under the higher risk of developing antibioticresistance.

e. The plasmid containing the antibiotic resistance gene canpass the genes to genetically unrelated bacteria.

2. You perform interrupted-mating experiments on three Hfrstrains (A, B, and C). Genes are transferred (from last to first)in the following order from each strain: strain A,thi-his-gal-lac-pro; strain B, azi-leu-thr-thi-his; strain C,lac-gal-his-thi-thr. How are the F factors in these strainsoriented?

Select one:

a. A and B are oriented in the same direction.

b. B and C are oriented in the same direction.

c. All of them are oriented in the same direction.

d. A and C are oriented in the same direction.

e. It cannot be determined from the information given.

3.Which of the following statements about retroviruses isfalse?

Select one:

a. All retroviruses contain gag genes whose product forms theviral protein coat.

b. Not all RNA viruses are retroviruses.

c. All retroviruses contain oncogenes, which can induce theformation of tumors.

d. All retroviruses require pol genes, which are critical forretrotranscription.

e. All retroviral genomes have gag, pol, and env genes.

4. Which of the following facts would NOT be considered as anadvantage for using bacteria and viruses for genetic studies?

Select one:

a. Low cost to maintain and little storage space required

b. Rapid reproduction and high progeny number

c. Genomes being small and readily subjected to geneticmanipulation

d. Complete absence of recombination, which maintains theintegrity of genome

e. Haploid genome for expressing mutations

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