1) What is the difference between the leading strand and the lagging strand in DNA replication? Place the following steps of DNA replication in right chronological order.

1. Primase adds an ribonucleotide primer
2. Initiator proteins bind the origin of replication and helicase breaks hydrogen bonds between complementary bases of double stranded template DNA
3. DNA polymerase III extends by complementary base pairing deoxyribonucleotides to the template strands
4. Ligase phosphodiester bonds the nucleotides to connect okazaki fragments nad connect fragments at the origin and where the "crotches or forks" collide
5. DNA polymerase I removes RNA primer and replaces with Deoxyribonucleotides

2) Given the template DNA and primer sequences below, what bases will be added to the primer as DNA replication proceeds? (The bases should appear in the order that they will be added)


3) Given the DNA sequence below, what could be a primer sequence used in its replication?

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