On the planet Trogus, the population of Trogites have an autosomal gene, HDZ, with two alleles, T and t. T is dominant to t. Individuals with the T allele in their genotype show a propensity for sorbet, while the remainder prefer ice cream. In multiple population studies, 60% of individuals with the TT genotype prefer sorbet, 25% of Tt individuals prefer sorbet, and 5% of tt individuals prefer sorbet.

In an F1 cross of Tt x Tt genotyped individuals, among the F2 population of individuals who prefer ice cream, what is the probability that a random individual has the TT genotype?

A. 0.333.

B. 0.995.

C. 0.667.

D. 0.001

E. 0.140.

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Nelly Stracke
Nelly StrackeLv2
28 Sep 2019

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