1.) A restriction recognition site is repeated 1 times on a circular DNA molecule. If you treat this DNA molecule with this restriction enzyme, how many DNA fragments will you get?

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. Restriction enzyme does not cut a circular molecule

2.) In an agarose gel DNA electrophoresis, the DNA fragments are separated based on their

a. Size

b. Electrical charge

c. Nucleotides sequences

d. Density

e. All of the above

3.) DNA molecules are usually separated using agarose gel rather than polyacrylamide because:

a. Agarose polymerizes faster than acrylamide gel

b. Polyacrylamide gel has pore size larger than the size of DNA molecules

c. Agarose gel do not have pores on tis matrix and can hold large DNA molecules

d. Agarose gel has larger pore size similar to the size of DNA molecules

4.) Restriction endonucleases

a. Randomly recognize and cut DNA sequences

b. Hydrolysis the phosphodiester bond of DNA backbone

c. Recognize specific sequence on double stranded DNA

d. A and B

e. B and C

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28 Sep 2019

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