44.Why don’t similar genotypes always produce the same phenotype?

A. Parent alter their phenotype and pass on this phenotype to progeny

B. Phenotype is the product of many environmental influences

C. Genetic variations of ADH enzyme produce the same phenotype

D. Animals display different phenotypes dependent on diet, not genotype

46.Which of the following attributes has the least effect on the contribution an individual makes to the gene pool of the next generation?

A. spas of mating privileges

B. more efficient at obtaining food

C. produces more offspring

D. camouflage from predators

47.”Until the agricultural evolution 10,000 years ago, people used to live in small populations with little gene flow between them. That is the best situation for rapid evolution.” said Sewall Wright. one of the founders of population genetics. This conclusion on gene flow conflicts with Hardy Weinberg equilibrium, which states that no gene flow means

A. natural selection

B. no evolution

C. no random mating

D. no genetic drift

58 Larval flies (maggots) express the Ubx gene in all of their segments, and thereby lack appendages. If this same gene continued to be expressed throughout subsequent developmental stages, except in the head region, and if the result was a fit, sexually mature organism that still strongly resembled a maggot, this would be an example of

A. homochrony

B. exaptation

C. paedomorphosis.

D. adaptive radiation

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