please help me answer theses questions correctly

1/ Which of the following are required for one-pass transmembrane proteins?

I. N-terminal signal sequence

II. Binding of SRP to the SRP receptor

III. Presence of stop-transfer sequence

IV. Presence of start-transfer sequence

a) I and III

b) I, II, and III

c) II, III, and IV

d) I, II, III, and IV


2/ Which of the following statements about the signal-recognition particle (SRP) is FALSE?

a) The SRP binds to the ER signaling sequence after the entire protein has been translated by the ribosome.

b) The SRP cycles between the ER membrane and the cytosol.

c) The SRP is required for peptides destined for either the ER membrane or ER lumen.

d) The SRP recognizes the signal sequence at the N-terminus of the newly forming polypeptide.


3) t-SNARES are _____.

a) found on the cytosolic side of the vesicle membrane.

b) necessary for recognition and transport of proteins into the nucleus.

c) usually located on the target membrane.

d) necessary for vesicle formation.

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28 Sep 2019
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