Match each of the following with one or more answers from the list below. Some answers may not be used.

Fuel used preferentially by heart muscle and during starvation ______

Metabolic pathway that requires NADPH and malonyl-CoA ______

Cofactor used as a carrier of activated CO2 ______

Enzyme using above carrier that is inactivated by avidin ______

Derivatives of cholesterol which act as detergents to emulsify lipids ______

Metabolic pathway discovered by Franz Knoop ______

Protein involved in fatty acid synthase that has a covalent pantothenic acid attached to it ______

A thromboxane that causes platelets to aggregate ______

An inhibitor of photosystem II ______

The enzyme responsible for fixing CO2 in plants ______

Disease in children due to vitamin D deficiency ______

Drug used to lower blood cholesterol level ______

Uncoupler of Oxidative phosphorylation used as diet drug in 1920’s ______

A. NADPH Z. DNP L. Rubisco

B. bile salts G. biotin M. atrazine

C. FA synthesis H. lovastatin N. TXA2

D. b-oxidation I. osteomalacia O. androgens

E. ketone bodies J. cytochrome P450 P. 21-hydroxylase deficiency

F. pyruvate carboxylase K. rickets Q. acyl carrier protein

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